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Tire Repair

Don’t get frustrated by tire problems. Let the pros at Southside Tire repair, mount, and balance them for you in just minutes. Service includes removal of tire from rim, inspection, liner repair, puncture fill, remounting, and balancing.

Tire Pressure Check

Tire pressure is critical! The wrong pressure can lead to tire failure and accidents. Drive in to your local Southside Tire, and we’ll check it for you—for free! Service includes checking pressure in all tires and adjusting pressure when necessary.

Tire Rotation

To get the most life from your tires, have them rotated twice a year to help them wear longer and more evenly—very important if for front wheel drive. Service includes tire removal and inspection, rotation, and reset of any TPMS monitors as needed.

Wheel Balancing

Even the smallest difference in balance can create vibration. Multiply by 4 or more wheels and it adds up. Service includes tire and wheel removal, inspection, mounting, sealing, inflating, and balancing new tires, and wheel replacement.

Tire Mounting

Is it time to swap out your tires? Bring them with you, or buy them from us. Southside Tire will make sure they’re mounted safely. Service includes old tire removal, mounting and sealing new tires, and inflation and balancing of each new tire.

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