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Southside Tire is a proud manufacturer of the Worlds Most Trusted Retread - BANDAG. Along with being the #1 selling retread in the world, BANDAG is a name that stands for Quality and Reliability that is second to none.

Application Specific

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Southside Tire currently operates 2 retread facilities with State-of-the-Art manufacturing equipment and facilities. Including:

  • BANDAG 7400 INSIGHT Casing Analyzer
    This machine uses a nondestructive testing technique known as shearography. The entire tire is checked for damage such as broken cords, bead deformations, etc.. Deformations of a few microns can be observed and are displayed on a monitor for the inspector. This identifies casings that should be taken out of service.
  • BASys Manufacturing System
    This software and tracking solution allows us to track individual casings throughout the manufacturing process. The data collected is used to provide vital information for customers that will enable them to lower costs and find problem areas that need to be addressed. It allows us to set up individual quality guidelines for each customer fleet. This ensures that every casing that is retreaded, adheres to a standard set by the customer themselves.
  • Model 6400 Extruder
    This machine applies an even and accurate layer of cushion gum onto the tire casing when preparing for tire building.
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