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Southside Tire offers a rim and wheel reconditioning service. Wheels are completely media blasted and powder coated in the color of your choice. This service is offered for both automotive and large truck wheels up to

All companies that use vehicles should be concerned with the overall appearance of their equipment as it is a very important advertising tool. Equipment that has a generally poor appearance can dissuade a potential customer from procuring your services just because it makes a poor impression on them, much like employee appearance does.

Reconditioning provides the following benefits:

  • Improves fleet appearance and driver satisfaction
  • Allows for regular wheel inspection for cracks, metal fatigue, oblong holes etc.
  • Wheel is completely cleaned of all grease and grime build up and restored to like new condition. Bead leaks are eliminated as well as stem seal leaks
  • Better appearance gives DOT less reason to scrutinize your equipment
Wheel and Rim Reconditioning
Wheel and Rim Reconditioning

This service is especially beneficial to fleets that have a retreading program in place with us. Wheels and tires can be removed at the same time and sent for processing. After the tire is retreaded, we mount it back on a reconditioned rim for delivery to the customer. This allows a fleet to maintain a better appearance as tires are replaced on units on a regular rotational basis.

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