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Every fleet is unique and therefore each has different areas of concern or problems that a fleet manager/owner must address in order to stay profitable and reduce their overall Cost-per-Mile expenses. Southside Tire provides a wide array of services, programs, and reporting tools that can be tailored to fit our customers needs. The programs and services listed below are just some of the tools we have to offer and are provided as discretionary services at no charge to our customers.

Expenditure Reporting

Southside Tire offers in house generated monthly or annual expenditure reporting as a discretionary service to our customers who request them. These are easy to read month end and year-to-date summaries...

Fleet Surveys

Fleet surveys are designed to allow fleet managers, owners, and tire vendors to start controlling and planning for future purchasing and maintenance instead of merely reacting to conditions when they arise.

Inventory Management

Companies with large vehicle fleets often carry tire inventories that are maintained for use on their vehicles. It only takes a few sets of tires to reach levels that equate to an investment of thousands of dollars.

Out of Service Analysis

One of the most important areas a fleet can examine to help reduce their tire costs is in out-of-service analysis.

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