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Commercial Wheel Sales

We offer steel and aluminum wheels made by Accuride and Alcoa for virtually all commercial vehicle types.

Medium Truck

On average, most fleets can expect to do a complete tire rotation on a commercial long haul vehicle every 100,000 miles or so. Tire rotations however can vary widely due to truck setups, different loads, different routes, driver habits, etc.

Typically, rotating tires on large trucks is more like an exercise in tire matching rather than tire rotation. Nevertheless, the illustrations below show typical rotation schemes for trucks that exhibit fairly normal and even wear across all axles.

Single Axle

A couple of points to remember about rotations and tire wear on a vehicle that has no particular tire wear problems:

  • The left side steer tire may wear faster than the right side—this is normal. Periodic monitoring and rotation will compensate for this.
  • The rear drive axle on a tandem axle truck will wear faster than the front drive axle—this is normal. When the difference reaches 4/32nds in depth, rotation is needed.
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